NYU President Hamilton Visits ITP

Wednesday, Nov 29, 2017

a man with his hand up looking a laptop project

Photo Credit: Kate Lord, NYU. With ITP student, Samuel Chasan who is showing off the beta version of his final project - a Kinect-controlled flight simulator. However, President Hamilton is enjoying watching his body appear in origami form, which is basically a digital mirror.

In light of ITP's upcoming move to the Brooklyn campus and the start of our new undergraduate BFA program, IMA (Interactive Media Arts), NYU President Andrew Hamilton came for a visit to see the floor and experience some of the projects that the students are working on.

We were happy to show him the creative mess and serious play that goes on at ITP!

A wooden mirror that is reflecting a pixelated image of the man in front of it

Photo Credit: Kate Lord, NYU. Daniel Rozin's Wooden Mirror

A man experiencing a project while a woman shows him

Photo Credit: Kate Lord, NYU. ITP students Elizabeth Ferguson and Sandy Hsieh are showing ""Meaning Maker". It's a community game in which people manipulate sensors inside a fabricated mouth, teeth and tongue to build original words out of sounds, and assign them to meanings, feelings or situations that don't have words yet.

a man and woman talking in front of boxes filled with dirt and fluorescent lighting

Photo credit: Kate Lord, NYU. We're growing Microgreens indoors! and working to create a system that uses sensors and mechanisms to water and light the plants in the absence of humans.