Phil Caridi

Manger, Makerspace Lab

Headshot of Phil Caridi

Phil Caridi is a Brooklyn-based artist, industrial designer, and educator with a specialty in both digital and traditional fabrication. Phil has BFA in industrial design from Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) and an MPS from ITP. Following graduation, he managed and maintained the rapid prototyping labs at SCAD, where he worked with faculty to introduce students to the equipment and methodology used in prototyping and fabrication. Phil worked as a contract industrial designer for more than a decade with companies such as HP, Mattel, WAL, Tidy Global, BowerBags, and SCI.

His artistic work is focused on the abstraction of time, the abstraction of physical movements from digital inputs, and kinetic installation. Phil has been developing a concept relating to long-form/short-duration installation work. Phil is an avid action figure collector, lover of comics, and all things musically heavy and slow.