Hannah Davis

Spring 2018 SIR

headshot for Hannah Davis

Hannah Davis is a programmer and generative musician. Her work falls along the lines of music generation, data sonification, artificial intelligence, and sentiment analysis. For a few years now she has been working on an algorithm called TransProse, which identifies emotions in a piece of text and translates it into a musical piece with a similar emotional tone. A human-computer collaboration, where she analyzed the sentiment of articles talking about technology over time, was recently performed by an orchestra at The Louvre. 

Hannah is currently working on creating unique datasets for art and machine learning, and is also working on a project to generatively score films. Through her work on emotions in AI, she’s become particularly interested in the idea of "subjective data" and has recently started further research into this area. She is a 2017 AI Grant recipient. Her work can be found at www.hannahishere.com and www.musicfromtext.com.