ITP/IMA Student Clubs

Student Clubs

Bicycle Brain Trust

Bike enthusiasts will meet once a semester for a hackathon-style brainstorm on the future of personal transport.

Representative: Stela Xhiku -


Feedback Collective

Feedback Collective is a student club with a group of students sharing ideas and giving feedback. Every other week we would invite an instructor or industry professionals to give feedback.

Representative: Casta Zhu -

Discord Channel: #Feedback Collective


Kinetic Sculpture

A place to play with mechanism, movement and the limitation of the physical world. We would finally build some sculpture contains movements motorized by motors.

Representative: Lu Lyu -

Instagram: @herelvluis


XR Collective

The XR Collective is a club for creating AR/VR/XR. We are here to help critique, ideate, and hear from guest speakers. 

Representatives: Lauren Chun - lc4726@nyu, Addison Worthington -, Henry Haoyu Wang -