Huge Design Information Session

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Please join us on Friday, April 17th, from 2 - 3 p.m. for a Huge design information session.

This event will be held via Zoom:

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Huge: Experiences that transcend digital and physical

At this talk, Emily Wengert, Inessah Selditz (ITP '13) and Marc Maleh (ITP '05) will discuss Huge's experiential work that pushes the boundaries of experience design and technology. We approach work with a deeply user-centered POV and our belief is that experiences should transcend digital and physical silos in favor of one modern journey. We will also discuss how to get into this type of work and possible career paths, including how Huge brings in fresh thinkers to keep our work interesting.

About Huge:
Huge is a full service, global experience agency whose mission is to elevate the human experience. By putting users at the center and solving real-world problems in creative ways, we help the world’s most ambitious companies transform the way they communicate and interact with people.

Huge is built on a culture of innovation and was named 2019 Digital Innovation Agency by Campaign. Clients include Fortune 100 companies such as Google, Wizarding World, Android, Pantone, Zelle, and P&G.

Emily Wengert, Group VP User Experience
Inessah Selditz, Group Experiential Director
Marc Maleh, GVP Emerging Experiences