Xin Liu Artist Talk

Image of Xin Liu floating in space.

Join us for an artist talk on February 15! We are excited to introduce Xin Liu, the Arts Curator in Space Exploration Initiative in MIT Media Lab and a member of New INC in New Museum. She just opened her solo show A Falling Tooth at The Museum of Arts and Design (MAD). She will present her art practice and artist life.


We May Be All Alone.

In 1990, from 6 million kilometers away, Voyager 1 took a snapshot of our existence in the universe: a pale blue dot. In it, we saw the loneliness and impermanence of our species, a realization that continues to sustain a thriving, resonating call for the future.

This sense of profound isolation has always shaped our perception of our planetary condition and our understanding of ourselves. What are the human experiences and perceptions of our planetary condition in relation to the vastness? Even if we can seize phenomena and enumerate them, can we, for all that comprehend the world? Gazing both inward and out into the orbit, Xin Liu offers a series of self-portraits that align and reposition her experiences with(in) imperceptible and incessant cosmic existences.


Xin Liu is an artist and engineer.

She is enchanted by the enigma of technology and its role in human experiences. Though history, their alignment is constantly shifting: the time we live through, the way we die, the food we eat, the emotions we share… In her practice, Xin creates experiences and artifacts to measure, modify and make sense of these organizations of everyday materials and events. They are about the moments of re-organization, creating ripples in the fabric of common experiences by paying close attention to our shared psychological, emotional, cultural, and perceptual approaches to the world.

Xin is the the Arts Curator in Space Exploration Initiative in MIT Media Lab and a member of New INC in New Museum. She is recipient of numerous awards and residencies, including the Van Lier Fellowship from Museum of Arts and Design, Huayu Youth Award Finalist, Queens Museum studio program and Pioneer Works Tech Residency. Her projects have received awards in SXSW, FastCoDesign, Core77 and her academic publications were nominated for best papers in ACM conferences. She has shown her work internationally at events and venues including Ars Electronica, Boston MFA, Sundance Film Festival, The Walker Art Center, OCAT Shanghai, ISEA and Music Tech Festival Berlin. As a researcher, Xin has worked in institutions including Microsoft Research NYC & Asia and Google ATAP.

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Organized by ITP Residents, Rushali Paratey and Yeseul Song