Refest 2.0

People having meeting

Join us for a day of demonstrations, workshops, and panels for artists, technologists, activists, and audience members to interact with each other on issues surrounding live media online. We'll discuss freedom of expression, social justice, privacy, and security. Now, more than ever, we need to together to explore ways in which the live media can be used to foster action, creativity, and inclusivity.

At Refest 2.0 you’ll experience original artworks that use novel forms of web distribution, explore cutting edge live video technologies, and explore the ways in which activists are using live streaming to engage and leverage their networks.

Among the presenters will be student artists and technologists from NYU’s ITP ( ), activists involved in WITNESS’ Mobil-Eyes Us initiative ( ), some of CultureHub's international partners who are directly addressing these issues in their work and activism, including the Belarus Free Theatre (who use the internet as a powerful tool for expression while they are banned from performing in their home country) among many others.

We are looking forward to seeing you at Refest 2.0!