a repeated image of a dismantled clock on white backgroungd

October 19th, 11:45a-1:45p ET, Zoom

RSVP here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/dismantling-tickets-124713263729

At Dismantling, participants will dismantle objects down to their component parts. Guest speakers will deliver short talks connecting an aspect of critical theory to the theme of dismantling internal bias. Mediators will be on hand to help foster discussion around the act of “dismantling” as a political/social/meditative act and to create connections between the ideas presented and (un)making. Participants will then be challenged to use the pieces around them to create new objects.

Please note: Participants will need to bring their own objects to be dismantled: out of date electronics, unworn sweaters, found furniture, and so on. However, they are all subject to a safety check (nothing high voltage, risk of chemical leak, etc.). Please come with screwdrivers, scissors, glue, seam rippers ready to go.

Another note: If you would prefer to only listen as well, that is completely acceptable.

Co-hosted by Blair Simmons & Cyd Cipolla

Speaker List: Chanel Ward, Cyd Cipolla, Molly Ritmiller, Rashida Kamal, Imani Parkinson, Lena Warnke, and more!