ITP40: Making Critical Art with Machine Learning (in ML5)

Logo for ITP 40 showing a new building in Brooklyn being plugged in

A FlyBy (formerly called DriveBy) has been a longstanding tradition at ITP for peer-to-peer learning.

This flyby will give attendees a chance to get a glimpse into the posenet ml5 library, a tool that uses machine learning to track the body. After a quick survey of art that critically explores the ethics of AI, participants will remix a simple code example to create body and movement driven artworks. 

There will be a talk and a short coding workshop.  Please bring a laptop if you are able so we can run some examples together and especially if you are interested in coding along! If you'd like to be able to save your work you can sign up for a p5.js web editor account ahead of time:

FlyBy provided by current ITP students, Lydia Jessup and Ashley Lewis.See all events and find out more here: