Artist Talk: Anna Nazo

Image of Anna Nazo giving a talk.

The Wireless Tentacles.

The talk will include an overview of Anna Nazo’s art practice and current research in Fine Art at the Royal College of Art (UK). It will reflect on a theme of Performance Art in the Contemporary Digital Age, and address the questions of artificial forms of intelligence and liveness in relation to nonconscious cognition, quantum wavefunction, and the problem of the supra-sensuousness; that is, something that goes beyond our perceptive apparatus but is a significant part of the world we inhabit.

Anna’s practical work operates on a spoken word/poetry that she co-writes with the AI [HumInt-AI psychological-sensuous feedback loops], drone performance, and brainwave performance. The brainwave performance experiments with live transmission of brainwave data (EEG) into computer generated sound and imagery (CGI). While the brainwave CGI is a response to the co-created with AI poetry that is being recited to the drone, the drone performance and the moment of performance.

Brief Bio

Anna Nazo is a performance artist whose practice engages computing technologies, philosophy and science. Her current focus is on AI poetry, drones, brainwaves CGI, 360 video and VR.

Anna has exhibited and performed internationally including at: Ars Electronica: KOSMICA Parliament at Ars Electronica Festival, Linz, Austria (2018); The Victoria & Albert Museum: V&A Digital Futures, London, UK (2016; 2018); Angewandte Innovation Laboratory, Vienna, Austria (2019); The Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma, Helsinki, Finland (2019); The National Museum of Art of Latvia: RIXC Art Science Festival, Riga, Latvia (2019); SymbioticA Conference, University of Western Australia, Perth, Australia (2018); Exposed Arts Projects, London (2018); Asylum, London (2018); Assembly Point, London (2018); Ensapc Ygrec, Paris, France (2017); Rainbow Unicorn, Berlin, Germany (2017); The MozEx exhibition curated by the Tate and V&A, London (2016); Tate Liverpool, Liverpool, UK (2016); Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Moscow, Russia (2015); The 6th Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art, Moscow, Russia (2015); Untapped Emerging Artists, The Artist Project, Toronto, Canada (2015); Somerset House, London, UK (2013); NYC Creative Tech Week, Columbia University, New York, USA (2016); Willem de Kooning Academy, Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, Rotterdam, Netherlands (2019); Copeland Gallery: the NSF Crxss Platfxrm Festival of Street Culture, London, UK (2018).

Anna has spoken at international conferences and symposia including the Creative Technologies Symposium at Columbia University, NYC Creative Tech Week, New York, USA (2016); the Electronic Visualisation & the Arts (EVA) Conference, British Computer Society, London, UK (2014, 2016, 2019); the 14th IEEE International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality, Fukuoka, Japan (2015).

Anna is currently working on a practice-led PhD in Fine Art (Performance) supervised by Professor Johnny Golding, Professor Nigel Rolfe, Professor Matias Viegener (external supervisor: California Institute of Arts, USA), and mentored by Stelarc (PhD external advisor) at the Royal College of Art (UK).

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