Fall 2021 Non-Major Registration

All ITP Fall 2021 course offerings are listed in Albert’s Course Search under the “ITPG-GT” subject area. To apply for an ITP course, please revisit the ITP Course Exchange webpage at https://itp.nyu.edu/exchange/ on Monday, May 10th at 5:00pm ET when we open Exchange for Fall 2021, and you may begin to log your interests in any ITP courses you wish to take at that time. 
Once ITP internal registration takes place (known as the ITP Lottery), and the ITP students have been given times for their Lottery results to post to Albert and to adjust their class schedules among their peers, we will begin to assign seats in ITP classes to outside students according to enrollment availability at the conclusion of this period. 
While we know how exciting many of these courses may be, it might be advisable to proceed with a plan of study without any ITP courses (for now), and in the event you receive permission to join an ITP course you expressed interest in, again at a date and time TBA after internal registration concludes, you will be given an opportunity to clear your schedule for that course at that time.

For any questions, please contact dante.delgiacco@nyu.edu