Grad Film gets a visit from ‘The Maestro:’ Vittorio Storaro

Wednesday, Oct 18, 2017

Vittorio Storaro with student Lin Que Ayoung

Barbara Schock, Tony Jannelli, and the entire Grad Film department welcomed legendary cinematographer Vittorio Storaro at The Chair’s Workshop on September 30. 

Mr. Storaro presented his vision of color psychology, universal aspect ratio, and reflected on many other aspects of his long career. He showed a sample of his work through a collection of film clips, all presented to a standing-room-only Grad Film audience. 


Barbara Schock & Tony Jannelli host Vittorio Storaro at Grad Film

We thank Vittorio for being generous with his time in his visit to Grad Film. Bravo! Molto Bene! 

Vittorio Storaro speaking to Grad Film students