Erica Freed Marker Receives Editing Emmy Nomination for ‘Severance’

Wednesday, Aug 24, 2022

Erica Freed Marker

Erica Freed Marker

Adjunct Professor Erica Freed Marker, ACE is nominated for Outstanding Single-Cam Picture Editing For a Drama Series at the 2022 Emmys for her work on Severance.

“In Perpetuity”, the nominated episode, is the third episode of the hit Apple TV+ drama-thriller series created by Graduate Dramatic Writing alum Dan Erickson. As summarized by The Hollywood Reporter, “Severance is centered on a fictional company that offers employees a “severance” procedure through which their memories are surgically separated between their work and home life — meaning that when in one state, there’s no recollection of the other. Lumon Industries claims this offers a work-life balance, or a way to recover from personal trauma. But not remembering does nothing to alter an unsettling reality in either state, nor can it mitigate abuse by the employer.”

Marker spoke with the publication about her experience editing the episode. “The actors, working with director Ben Stiller, varied their performances in different takes,” wrote THR. “The tricky part was, which direction do we want to take this?” said Marker. “And how far do we want to calibrate it toward really evil, and how much do we want to pull back?”

Marker collaborated with editor Geoffrey Richman, ACE on “In Perpetuity”, who shares the Emmy nomination. “We spend a lot of time focusing on all the mechanics of [the innie] going to the elevator,” said Richman about the challenges of editing the high-concept show. “What happens in the elevator, the change that occurs, following the outtie home and seeing how it’s a different world, dwelling on the separation between innie and outtie. As we got further and further into the episodes, we started playing more with melding those two together.”

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