Grad Acting: Ryan Michelle Bathe (‘01) stars in "First Wives Club" on BET

Tuesday, Oct 8, 2019

Ryan Michelle Bathe sat down with Variety to discuss BET's "First Wives Club", paying homage to the original movie, and the issues facing women today. 

From Variety:

"I like to think that the best way to honor it is to do it. … So for me the honor is just getting to this point because what a vindication. These women should have had “First Wives Club 2,” three, four, five and six — just like Harrison Ford, just like we had [so many] “Lord of the Rings.” They deserved their sequel, and I feel like the fact that there are three strong women rebooting this, what hopefully becomes a franchise, is the coup. Of course people are going to compare it because we’re all women, so of course we have to compare ourselves to each other. But maybe in us making a stand that we don’t want to do that is where we win."

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