Grad Acting: Annie Fox ('17) To Star in 'Fire Island'

Monday, May 17, 2021

Annie Fox

Annie Fox

Annie Fox will star in the indie-thriller Fire Island. 

From Deadline: 

"The plot, written by Myles Clohessy, Phil Harrell, and Emma Harrell, centers on Troy Miller (Paolo) and a group of friends who opt to escape the Pandemic ridden New York City of 2020 by going on a seemingly perfect summer vacation to Fire Island, the picturesque LGBTQ party haven off the coast of NY. What starts as the time of their lives and a much needed retreat from quarantine rules, quickly spirals out of control for the group of friends on the infamous, picturesque party getaway, as they find themselves caught in a web of sex, lies and cold blooded murder at the hands of a serial killer on the loose (Bennett)."