Playtest Everything

A collage of three photos of students playtesting games.

Playtest Everything! at the NYU Game Center

Every Thursday evening, the NYU Game Center hosts a playtesting event in the just-opened 2nd floor event space at 370 Jay Street in Brooklyn. At these Playtest Thursday, you can try games made by students and other members of NYC's game-making scene... but during Community Week, we're inviting the rest of Tisch to come by and test anything and everything with us! Do you have a draft of something you're working on that you'd like to read, perform or show? Rushes from a film project? A composition that's ready for a listening party before it hits prime-time? A new software toy that you want to test? Come by and demo what you've got, and we'll help you set it up, play it, and talk about it.

All Tisch students, faculty, and staff are welcome, no RSVP necessary.