The NYU Game Center is seeking creative, passionate, and talented students for our undergraduate and graduate programs in game design. For undergraduate applications to the Game Center, a creative portfolio submitted via Slideroom is required in addition to the Common Application. For graduate applications to the Game Center, both the academic application and creative portfolio must be submitted via Slate.

 Application Deadlines

BFA Early Decision I November 1, 2019
BFA Early Decision II January 1, 2020
BFA Regular Decision January 1, 2020
MFA Application January 1, 2020

Undergraduate Admissions

Applicants interested in the BFA in game design can using the Common Application. Students can apply to our 4-year undergraduate Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) program as incoming freshmen or internal/external transfer students depending on their academic progress. 

BFA Application Requirements

  • Complete the Common Application.
  • Submit a creative project through Slideroom. A creative project could be: a game you’ve made (digital or non-digital), a computer program you’ve written, a film you created, a piece of music, a creative writing sample, a portfolio of artwork, visual design, sculptures, photography or other creative pieces.  We are looking for your talent and creativity in whichever medium you choose, so choose an example that you think best shows off your strengths and ideas. 
  • Respond to 5 short essay questions in Slideroom about your interest in games.
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Graduate Admissions

For those who have completed their undergraduate degree and are seeking to further their education, development and knowledge in game design, we offer a 2-year Master of Fine Arts (MFA) program. Professional game experience is not required and applicants may come from a wide range of professional, personal, and educational backgrounds. Applications will become available in mid-September and are due January 1, 2020. 

MFA Application Requirements

  • Personal Statement
  • Professional Resume
  • 2 Creative Projects
  • Crticial Game Alanysis
  • Transcripts
  • English Language Proficiency Test for non-native speakers
  • 2 Letters of Recommendation
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