At the Game Center you can study the history of games from ancient board games like Mancala, to the most current, cutting-edge digital and non-digital games.

Take a course that focuses only on learning how to play Starcraft 2 deeply, or learn how to add “juice” to your digital game in an advanced game development course. Studying game design at Tisch is an intensive hands-on experience in a studio setting. In core production classes in game design and development, students work in groups or individually on three to four game projects per semester. Lab courses specialize in skills training and exercises. Game Studies provides the critical literacy needed to understand and appreciate games as culture. Play Labs expose students to deep play of a particular genre, designer, or game.

Undergraduate and graduate courses at the Game Center prepare students to become creative professionals in the 21st century, helping them acquire skills beyond game development that include effective visual communication, collaboration and critique, and project management.