Virtual Playtest Thursday

Personal stands in shadow in-front of pixel art screen

The NYU Game Center's signature event, Playtest Thursday, returns this Fall at! Each Thursday, host George Machado will be joined by NYU Game Center faculty, students, alumni, and local developers from NYC to test and give feedback to your work-in-progress games. Watch live gameplay and offer your own feedback in the chat. Hang for 10 minutes or the full 90! Anyone can submit a game to test, and you can follow the instructions below to submit your game.

George Machado is a Game Center student, twitch streamer, and general man about town. You can catch his chaotic good twitch stream on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7-9pm, where he plays mostly weird art games and yells about being from New York, abolishing the police and prisons, and the necessity to dismantle capitalism.

To submit a game for playtesting on the stream:

  • Fill out this Google Form!
  • Submit your game to this google form by Tuesday of the week you'd like it to be tested.
  • If the game is digital, it must be 64 bit Windows compatible or an HTML5 game hosted on itch or elsewhere.
  • If the game is analog, you must send detailed instructions in the form a google doc the week before your scheduled slot and must be willing to be on stream.
  • There are 5 slots on the stream and each game will get 10 minutes of play time.
  • Anyone is welcome to submit a game! You do not need to be an NYU Game Center student or alumni.