NYU Game Center Lecture Series Presents Elizabeth Hargrave

Elizabeth Hargrave poster featuring brown and orange hand drawn birds.

Wingspan, a game that combines scientifically accurate information about birds with engine building mechanics, was the first board game Elizabeth Hargrave designed. Released in 2019, it went on to become an international hit and won the "Kennerspiel des Jahres" ("connoisseur/expert game of the year," one of the most coveted board game awards). It's gained recognition beyond the board game world and has been covered by mainstream news outlets such as the NY Times, NPR, and Gizmodo. Elizabeth will chronicle her journey from casual board game player to hardcore board game enthusiast to award winning designer, discuss her development process, and talk about why having more women making games is so important for the industry.

Elizabeth Hargrave is a board game designer inspired by a love of nature and a desire to play games that break away from tried-and-true themes. She is an avid naturalist who enjoys hiking, birding, or collecting mushrooms in and around Washington, DC. She has also has spent 20+ years in health policy, helping improve the US government programs that serve elderly and low-income people.

This lecture will be streaming live on Twitch and open to the public.

The NYU Game Center would like to thank our event sponsors: Take-Two Interactive and Empire State Development. Their generous support makes our events possible.