Studio Space Request

During the academic year, all rehearsal and performance facilities at 721 Broadway are allocated for department productions, studio project rehearsals, and curricular activities. Current students may reserve space during the summertime after June 1. 


If you are a Tisch Drama student looking for space to rehearse, you may reserve a room at the Kimmel Center by visiting Kimmel One Stop here.

For more information on Tisch Drama facilities, or to request a Kimmel One Stop authorization memo, contact Operations Manager Ryan Parow at  


  • The Undergrad Drama Studio Spaces at 721 Broadway are for use by Tisch Drama students only.
  • Space is available during the summer between the hours of 9:00am-11:00pm and is subject to availability.  
  • Pianos may not be removed from studios for any reason. 
  • The spaces must be restored at the end of each rehearsal.  All chairs, tables, cubes, etc. must be struck to the perimeter of the room or other specified storage locations.  All trash and personal items must be removed from the studio. There is no storage area available, and items cannot be left in the space. The space should be left in better condition than when you entered it.
  • Only cloth tape or plastic tape may be used on the floor and must be removed daily.  Masking and "duct" tape is strictly prohibited on all floors. 
  • NOTHING may be taped to the WALLS. Posters taped to the walls, pillars, etc. will be removed. Please use the bulletin boards provided. 
  • NO PERFORMANCES OR NON-DEPARTMENTAL AUDITIONS may be held in these spaces. NO FILMING OR VIDEOTAPING is to be done in the spaces.  If you attempt to do this, you will lose space reservation privileges.
  • Please be considerate of the other groups rehearsing. Begin and end your rehearsals on time. Do not pound on the walls, and please remember the walls are not sound-proof.
  • Failure to abide by these rules may result in your immediate loss of the use of space, and quite possibly future consideration for use. Please remember that the use of the NYU-UGD spaces is a privilege and that privilege may be revoked at any time if the rules are not followed.  We want you to have a space in which to work, but you must respect that space and the people around you.