Tisch Drama Theatre Studies Students Give Symposium for Entering Class

Monday, Dec 10, 2018

Photo by Emily Jackoway
Photo by Emily Jackoway

Upper-level students from Associate Professor Laura Levine’s honors seminar Shakespeare and his Inter-texts gave a symposium for first-year students studying The Tempest in Introduction to Theatre Studies.

The event was part of an ongoing project spearheaded by Levine to create mentoring situations in which upper-level students pursuing honors work could introduce those in their first year to the rigors and pleasures of studying Shakespeare.

Upper-level students included Kristina Melsheimer, Dani Ochroch, Brock Looser, and Diana Risse, who presented papers on The Tempest and Skepticism, The Tempest and The Magic Flute, and The Tempest and Cesaire’s A Tempest.

Five students studying the play in Introduction to Theatre Studies—Aaron Matthews, Hannah Berkowitz, Samantha Jane Lee, Lauren Wagner, and Mikayla Czizik—served as respondents to the papers, reading them in advance and formally responding to each one after it was read aloud.

Grace Traynor moderated the evening. Tisch Drama faculty members Carol Martin and Louis Scheeder attended the event.