Tisch Drama Brendan Bradley Innovation Lab Presentation

student experiments in performance

Brendan Bradley Innovation Lab 2017

Come see the results of several exciting new projects and experiments developed by students exploring the intersection of technology and performing arts. This innovative, interactive performative event will include research and investigations in:

  • Projection mapping
  • Immersive environments
  • Interactive experiences
  • Video games
  • Installation art
  • Live audio mixing

This fall, in the lab's second installment, Tisch Drama students partnered with members of Game Design, Interactive Media Arts, and the Interactive Telecommunications Program in a cross-department, collaborative initiative designed to foster innovation in live performance using digital media and technologies. The project, held over the course of eight weeks at Tisch and in NYU’s Brooklyn-based MAGNET CENTER (Media and Games Network), was made possible by a generous donation from alumnus Brendan Bradley.

To learn more, check out examples from the fall 2017 lab or email Attilio Rigotti, lab facilitator, at attiliorigotti@nyu.edu