The Sole of Tisch


This year, Drama has planned multiple events for the Tisch School's annual Community Week, October 15–19, including the departmental initiative The Sole of Tisch. This interactive art installation originating in the department's Costume Shop invites the full Tisch community to learn more about the thousands of colleagues, friends, and collaborators they work and create with every day—from academic and organizational departments to faculty, students, and alumni.  

Throughout the week, The Sole of Tisch will be placed in the lobby of 721 Broadway. Visitors will encounter two racks filled with shoe boxes—each holding a shoe and a note describing the role of a Tisch community member, offering a “walk in their shoes.” Before leaving, visitors can mark their own footprint by posting a note that outlines their role at Tisch, adding to the community installation.

Additionally, throughout the week and on Community Day (Oct. 19), the department’s training studios will host an exciting array of activities and discussions reflective of the topic of community.