Playwrights Hoizaons Theater School


Playwrights Horizons Theater School guides young theater makers toward the passionate and rigorous exploration of all theatrical disciplines. Its members are inspired by the synergy that comes in telling stories from every possible angle and diverse perspective. Playwrights champions the philosophy that every performer should write, every writer should direct, every director should design, every designer should perform and, of course, everyone should be on crew. Accordingly, the school invites established and emerging artists to collaborate and create contemporary work for, of, and by its students. Playwrights maintains that the investigation of many methods leads to innovations that invite an exciting and promising future for its students—and for the future of the American theater.


Playwrights Horizons is a writer's theater dedicated to the support and development of contemporary American playwrights, composers and lyricists, and to the production of their new work. In a city rich with cultural offerings, Playwrights Horizons' 47-year-old mission is unique, as the only major theater in New York with this specific mission. The theater has distinguished itself by the caliber of work and steadfast commitment to the voice of the American writer. It is a mission that is always timely and essential to the future of the American theater.

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