Vincent James Landeros

Class of 2022

Vincent James Landeros

What was the adjustment like moving to NYC from California?

I knew from a very young age that I wanted to work in entertainment and as that desire developed overtime it was indisputable that creating art is what I would devote myself to. I was raised in Southern California, immersed in the culture that defines L.A., I lived there. However, I also recognized the experience I would be able to draw from living on the east coast, joining Tisch, and attending NYU would be invaluable. When I arrived in the city, I expected a culture shock, but it was a quick, easy transition. The way everything performed around me matched my speed, it felt homogenous to my nature, even in the heart of this organized chaos, I knew I belonged.

You are pursuing two minors at NYU – Producing and BEMT (Entertainment, Media & Technology). How easy was it to pursue both of these in addition to your CA major?

I am always seeking to advance my education and take on new challenges. As a Collaborative Arts major I have been tested by an interdisciplinary curriculum through which I’ve had the opportunity to express the full range of my creativity. By pursuing these minors I aspire I aspire to combine my comprehension of business and interest in entrepreneurship with my passion for the arts. I believe this course of study has been fundamental in shaping a well-rounded artist, a unique advantage in today’s growing field of entertainment.


Still From Vincent's short film THE UNCONSCIOUS

What would your dream job or project be right after graduation?

With my passion for film and storytelling, taking the role of a Director, Producer, Screenwriter has always interested me and is a career path that I am aiming to pursue.
 I enjoy working alongside a collaborative team and undertaking any role that has allowed myself to strengthen my leadership skills. To me, working on projects in their entirety from development to distribution is satisfying and grants a feeling that's quite rewarding. My dream job would allow me to be a leader, coordinator, and creative alongside others who share a similar enthusiasm about their work. 

What interested you in the Collaborative Arts Program?

Curiosity, the need to experiment, try out new ideas. I was eager to learn and collaboration had always been an important part of my working experience. I hoped to join a community of diverse artists who desired to create and innovate while equally seeking to grow and support each other's creative visions. The curriculum covered various crafts which was unique and stood out to me. While my passion and focus was in film, I determined it was important to have knowledge about subjects outside my concentration because this would give me a broader horizon to tell stories from.