Charlie Cleworth

Class of 2023

Charlie Cleworth

You have an interest in fashion and music. Have these interests found their way into your work in Collaborative Arts?

I think no matter what medium I’m working with, I find these interests make their way into a lot of my work. I’m always thinking from a garment, draping perspective, as well as always playing music and finding new music to listen to while I work. I’ve been able to take fashion theory and history classes as well as electronic music tech and Topics: Led Zeppelin, all really fun and interesting courses that have expanded my thinking and called upon me to play and experiment. The reason I wanted to join the Collaborative Arts program was to be able to round out my artistic disciplines (playwriting, performance art, zines, etc.) so that I can return to fashion and music with the knowledge of other mediums to create stronger multi-disciplinary work.

What are you working on now?

Recently, I’ve been working on special effects makeup, electronic music, zines, drag, and fashion design. I’m sketching for a new collection, which could lead to my thesis. I’ve also been studying social deviance, and how we talk about sexuality and gender.

What was the adjustment like moving to NYC from California?

Moving from Seattle to New York was definitely an adjustment, but I quickly became comfortable in the city. I found Seattle to be a place where I discovered passions and dreams and New York was where I could get to work. I like living here, especially as an artist, but I’ve been thinking about the West Coast a lot lately. I need to get my time out there, too. It’s about balance.

What made you choose Collaborative Arts as your major, instead of a specific discipline?

When I found Collaborative Arts, I was honestly very grateful. I felt like it was a gift from the universe. I couldn’t for the life of me pick just one medium to explore in college. The commitment and structure scared me. Collaborative Arts has given me the opportunity to choose my path through the university and pick classes from other schools like Steinhardt and Silver. I couldn’t imagine myself anywhere else.

If you could learn something new, what would it be?

I really want to learn to play the drums. I’ve learned guitar, bass, piano, and played with drum machines, but never rocked out on a full set. Some friends and I started a band called Love Zone and it would come in handy to say the least.