Da Ye Kim

PhD Candidate

Cinema Studies PhD candidate Da Ye Kim


Title: Finding Virtual Reality: An Atlas of VR Sites and Communities

Supervisor: Marina Hassapopoulou

My dissertation maps out the diverse cinematic sites of Virtual Reality (VR) and explores the people who build, occupy, and politicize those sites. The composite, transdisciplinary method envisions an extensive cartography of the VR mediascape, paying a particular attention to sites and corporeal bodies that mobilize, structure and capitalize the VR ecosystem. I consider this project as a current historical research as VR is in its vibrant process of becoming.


Da Ye Kim is a PhD candidate in Cinema Studies at New York University. She holds a BA in Psychology with Theatre Arts & Studies minor from Johns Hopkins University and an MA in Cinema Studies from Tisch NYU. Her research interests include interactive media, virtual reality, Asian American cinema, transnational cinema and Korean media culture. She has been working as a freelance film translator since 2014. She has also produced two autobiographical video projects on her transnational experience.