AMIA 2023 in Tulsa

Wednesday, Nov 29, 2023

faculty and student MIAP attendees at this past week’s AMIA conference in Tulsa.

Faculty and student MIAP attendees at this past week’s AMIA conference in Tulsa.

The following Moving Image Archiving and Preservation faculty and student recently presented at the Association of Moving Image Archivists conference in Tulsa, Oklahoma:

  • Preserving Appalachian Culture: Recovery and Remediation of Appalshop’s Legacy Media Content: Caroline Rubens, MIAP ‘06, Appalshop Archive
  • Evaluating Virtual Machines for the Preservation of Video Game: Kirk Mudle, MIAP ‘23
  • Building a Sustainable Initiative with the World’s Largest Museum Complex: Walter Forsberg, MIAP ‘10, AVMPI Curator of Audiovisual Media, Smithsonian Libraries and Archives
  • High-Definition Voyage: The HDV Migration Challenge: Erica Titkemeyer, MIAP '13, Myriad Consulting & Training, UNC-CH
  • SGS: International Amateur Cinema: Histories, Archives, Metadata: Dan Streible, MIAP Associate Director, NYU
  • Rip It!: A preservation workflow for DVD video discs (Poster): Matt Yang, MIAP '24
  • Virtual Reading Rooms: Building the Legal Foundations: Greg Cram, The New York Public LIbrary, MIAP Adjunct Faculty
  • SGS: These Are Your Grandpa’s Dirty Movies: The 16mm Pornographic Underground: Dan Erdman, MIAP '13, Media Burn
  • Archivists and/as Educators: Activating Film-Related Materials: Adrianne Lundy, MIAP '24, 
  • GBAV and GBH’s NEH Challenge Grant to Preserve and Digitize At-Risk Media: Raananah Sarid-Segal, MIAP '17, GBH Educational Foundation
  • Appalshop After the Flood: Navigating Water Damage and Regional Disasters: Fin Hatfield, MIAP '24; Juana Suárez, MIAP '13, MIAP Director, Caroline Rubens, MIAP '06, Appalshop Archive
  • From CRTs to LEDs: Evaluating the Translation Amongst Video Displays: Ben Turkus,MIAP '16, New York Public Library
  • The Memory of Invisible: Love Letters for the Professionals in the Audiovisual Archive Field (Poster): Julita Pratiwi,MIAP '24, Juliana Principe, MIAP '25
  • Lessons and reflections from Singapore’s first Home Movie Day (Poster): Matt Yang,MIAP '24
  • It’s Your Film, Not You. Vinegar Syndrome Case Studies: Kimberly Tarr, MIAP '09, MIAP Associate Director
  • Women on Tape: Recovering Early Women’s Video Culture: Dan Erdman, MIAP '13, Media Burn Archive
  • AMPlifying a Collection: Leveraging AI to Generate Transcripts [and more]: Carmel Curtis, MIAP '15, Indiana University Libraries
  • Community Archiving Workshop: Pamela Vadakan, MIAP '05, Community Archiving Workshop; Mona Jimenez, Community Archiving Workshop and former MIAP Associate Director and Associate Arts Professor; Carmel Curtis, MIAP '15, Indiana University; Kristin MacDonough, MIAP '13, Video Data Bank