Master's Comprehensive Exam

The Master's Comprehensive Exam (M.A. Comp) is offered three times each year, during the Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters. Students are eligible to take the exam after they have completed 24 credits towards their MA degree.

For the 2018-2019 academic year, the dates are:

Fall 2018 
November 19 - November 26
Application Period: October 1 – November 9

(applications will not be accepted before 10/1, final deadline is 11/9)

Spring 2019  
March 18 - March 25
Application Period: January 25 – March 1

(applications will not be accepted before 1/25, final deadline is 3/1)

Summer 2019  
July 15 - July 22
Application Period: May 29 – July 5
(applications will not be accepted before 5/29, final deadline is 7/5)

It is a requirement of these exams that they offer new and original material by the student and do not recycle writings that have already served in other contexts for the major such as course work or application writing samples.

Answers should be drawn from the total course of study as well as material on the M.A.filmography and bibliography, a list of important works provided by the department. Exam questions and answers may also refer to major texts in the field published since the bibliography was last revised. Essays must cite sources and do so using a consistent format (such as The Chicago Manual of Style or MLA Style Manual).