Day of Community 2016 - Office Yoga

Still from 'Mad Men'

Open to all Tisch students, faculty, and staff.

Take time to step away from your screens and find movements that improve posture, relieve stress and fit into your office. Through a series of poses we will focus on tight hips, stiff necks and sore lower backs while also bringing mobility to our wrists and ankles. We will also connect with our breathing and play with finding balance as we unwind before the weekend. Join us for a free 30-minute yoga session, no mats or gear required.    

Sylvie Vitaglione is a PhD Candidate in the Department of Cinema Studies. She trained in ballet and contemporary dance before completing her 200h yoga teacher training at Yoga Works in Soho in 2015. She has dabbled in martial arts, is learning to ice skate and enjoys bike rides in Prospect Park. She offers discounted private yoga lessons to NYU faculty and students.