APEX Santiago: Creating International Networks for Moving Image Preservation

Apex Santiago

Wednesday, November 16

6:00 PM
Michelson Theater, Dept of Cinema Studies
721 Broadway, 6th Floor

Through Audiovisual Preservation Exchange (APEX), a project of the Moving Image Archiving and Preservation Program, international teams of educators, students and professionals have worked together toward preservation of a wide range of film/media: from television programs about the indigenous Yurupari of Colombia and dramatic videos of grass roots opposition to the Chilean dictator Pinochet, to silent era nitrate films of Argentina’s Navy and Uruguayan performance artworks and student productions. Julio Cabrio, Jonathan Farbowitz, and Caroline Gil will speak about APEX Santiago 2016––the 5th APEX organized with Latin American partners––and will screen selections from some of the projects.

APEX seeks to create meaningful networks among collection managers, educators, and students internationally through shared work on endangered media and film collections. In the spirit of the Tisch Institute for Creative Research that provided generous support for APEX, the panel will speak to: What does APEX aspire to do and what is its impact? What makes for creative and meaningful exchange among international partners on archiving topics?

Julio Cabrio will offer two perspectives: one, as a partner for APEX Montevideo in 2014 in his position as an archivist at the Archivo General de la Universidad de la Republica, and secondly as a MIAP organizer for APEX Santiago. Cabrio will speak about how APEX morphs to meet local needs and a wide variety of collecting institutions. Caroline Gil will speak about APEX's first collaboration with an independent filmmaker, the internationally respected Pablo Salas, and how community-based collective actions impacted his collection. Jonathan Farbowitz will relate the process of building a digitization station at the community TV station Señal 3 La Victoria, through the combined technical skills and wits of the APEX team and local experts.

Support for APEX Santiago was provided by the APEX partners–MIAP, Biblioteca Nacional de Chile, and Señal 3 La Victoria–and by The Film Foundation, the NYU Tisch Institute for Creative Research, the NYU Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies, Second Run Media Preservation, Jim Lindner, Amy Sloper and the Wisconsin Center for Film and Theater Research, Erik Piil, and Gonzalo Ramirez.

Free and open to the public.

APEX Santiago 2016 - Señal 3 Community Archiving Workshop