Ph.D. Comprehensive Exam

Your two written exams must be taken in the first year of coursework, during Spring and Summer. The third exam is an oral exam that will be conducted at the time of your dissertation proposal defense at the end of the fourth semester and covers material from your specific area of research.

For the 2021-2022 academic year, the dates are:

Spring 2023 - History Exam
March 10 - March 17
Registration deadline is February 3

Summer 2023 - Theory Exam
July 17 - July 24
Registration deadline is June 2

Film/Media History Exam

Taken in your second semester of coursework, exam topics include:

  • American Film 1895 to 1929
  • American Film 1927 to 1960
  • American Film 1960 to the Present
  • History of French Film
  • History of Italian Film
  • History of Japanese Film
  • History of Soviet and Post-Soviet Film
  • History of German Film
  • History of the International Avant-Garde
  • History of Documentary Film
  • History of Latin American Film
  • History of British Film
  • History of Chinese-Language Cinema
  • History of Indian Cinema

Film/Culture/Media Theory Exam

Taken in the summer after your first year of coursework, exam topics include:

  • Gender, Sexuality, and Representation
  • Race, Nation, and Representation
  • Cultural Theory
  • Media Theory
  • Theory of Narrative and Genre
  • Theory of Image and Sound

Oral Exam

Taken at the end of your fourth semester during your dissertation proposal defense meeting, the oral exam comprises a series of questions about your area of research drawn from your directed reading and dissertation proposal.

Bibliographies for each exam area are available online or in the administrative offices.