Arts Politics Professor Karen Finley will perform at MoMA PS1 alongside Mural "The War at Home"

Friday, Feb 21, 2020

Five people stand in a gallery in front of a large red wall with black text  for The War At Home

Karen Finley's 14 foot hand painted wall mural features the text "The War At Home"

Karen Finley's work is featured in Theater of Operations: The Gulf Wars 1991 - 2011 at MoMA PS1.

Her 14 foot hand painted wall mural features the text The War At Home. On March 1st, as part of the closing of the show, Karen Finley will premiere a three-part performance, Saturn Conjunct Pluto And Nightmares of Ivanka. Part 1: Nation Building features elements drawn from her work on view at MoMA PS1—The War at Home, The Dreams of Laura Bush, and Untitled (Execution of Saddam Hussein). For Part II, Finley fantasizes about Ivanka Trump’s dream journal and allows Ivanka’s imagined unconscious to become a space of parody and rebellion.