Ali Stroker '09 Discusses Theater Accessibility in the New York Times

Tuesday, Jul 28, 2020

Tony Award-winner Ali Stroker '09 (BFA, Drama) recently penned an essay for the New York Times, discussing disability representation and accesibility in the theater world.

In her essay, Ali speaks to her love of theater, her time at NYU Tisch, and how she navigates theaters and her career with her disability. 

Read the full article here.

"After winning the Tony last year for my role as Ado Annie in Oklahoma! I promised myself that I would no longer accept jobs where I would have to be carried onstage. That was a boundary I needed to set for myself. My feeling is, “if you can’t accommodate me, then you don’t get me.” I believe I’m worth it. And the truth is: Every producer and director I’ve worked with has made the space we’re in accessible, because they care. This industry continues to be filled with beautiful relationships and opportunities."