Gabriella M Garcia

ITP Post-Doctoral Fellow

Headshot of Gabriella Garcia

Gabriella Garcia
 is a writer, performer, and poetic technologist. Her research primarily focuses on the protection of radical self-expression, networked subcultures, and cybernetic intimacy. As a performance artist, Gabriella works to create spaces ruled by vulnerability. She has performed in work curated by New York Restoration Project in partnership with the Brooklyn Academy of Music (LEIMAY), The Watermill Center (LEIMAY), SPRING/BREAK Art Show, MANA Contemporary, and Otion Front Studio. Her work has appeared at CultureHub, Pioneer Works, Museum of Sex, and Secret Project Robot. 

Garcia is currently working on the creation of Decoding Stigma, a cross-institutional thinking group bridging the gap between sex workers, academics and technologists. She is the Managing Editor of ADJACENT, ITP's online journal of emerging media.