TaraMarie Perri

Teacher of Yoga and Somatics

TaraMarie Perri

Teacher of Yoga and Contemplative Arts

M.F.A. Dance Performance and Choreography, New York University - Tisch School of the Arts; B.A. Visual Arts History, College of the Holy Cross, MA; Faculty, New York University - Tisch School of the Arts and Steps on Broadway. Past faculty engagements include American Dance Festival, Joffrey Ballet School and Dance New Amsterdam. Guest artist/lecturer at Harvard Graduate School of Education in collaboration with Silkroad Project/Spaulding Rehabilitation/MedRhythms, University of Iowa, DeSales University, College of the Holy Cross and Queen Mary University of London. Founder/Director, Perri Institute for Mind and Body, NY.

TaraMarie Perri is an interdisciplinary teacher/artist/practice-based researcher of dance, Yoga, performance, pedagogy, contemplative arts and sciences, somatic and holistic healing methods. Nearly 30 years ago, she began the lifelong study path of Classical Yoga which led to a vocation as a practicing yogi alongside a career in the performing arts and education.

In 2009, TaraMarie founded the Perri Institute for Mind and Body to gather, mentor, and network an international community of advisors, teachers and holistic health practitioners. Through 2019, the Institute’s pedagogy courses and independent study programming established a unique educational environment integrating eastern and western traditions of practice and research in collaboration with the arts and sciences. Graduates teach and follow career paths in medicine, social work, physical therapy, childhood education, eldercare, acupuncture, and psychology, among other fields. The Institute’s Mind Body Dancer curricula have been implemented in mind-body/somatic education programs, performing arts schools and college/university settings. TaraMarie’s expertise and writing has been published in periodicals such as Dance Teacher Magazine, Elle, Women’s Health, Dance Magazine, Pointe Magazines, Dance Informa, The Gardan Journal, and Mind Body Brew. She is currently lending her support to long-time colleague, Maggie Gavin, and Woodside on the Move in their Artist Employment Grant-supported development of an intergenerational movement curriculum.

In addition to classroom and studio settings, TaraMarie maintains a private practice dedicated to one-to-one Yoga study and integrated therapeutic care for physical re-education, injury rehabilitation, chronic and mental health illnesses. She specializes in autoimmune diseases, neurodegenerative disorders, stroke and brain injuries. On the western side, her studies include functional anatomy, kinesiology, movement therapy, diaphragmatic breathing coordination, medical literacy, somatic methods and integrative medicine. On the eastern side, her studies include Yoga therapy, Pranayama, mindfulness/awareness meditation, secular and Indo-Tibetan Buddhism, Vedic and Tantric teachings, Ayurveda and hand-on healing methods including Reiki.

As a performing artist, TaraMarie danced with ballet, modern, dance theater and theater/film companies in NY, PA, and MA. Her choreography and costume designs have been critically acclaimed in The New Yorker and The Village Voice. Guided by the principles of improvisation and the dharma of contemplative art practices, TaraMarie makes dances, paints, draws, and writes. She seeks out projects and experiential learning environments which foster introspection and communing with nature. Her art practice is open to the alchemy of the collaborative process with others in-studio, onstage and outdoors. Most recently, TaraMarie has been immersed in a kindred connection with Meredith Monk’s transformative body of work through the Vocal Ensemble’s Dancing Voice/Singing Body workshops and spent a week at Bearnstow in residence with Janis Brenner for Moving, Sounding and Acting: Improvisation into Choreography. www.taramarieperri.com/www.perriinstitute.com

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