TaraMarie Perri

Teacher of Yoga and Somatics

TaraMarie Perri

TaraMarie Perri, Educator/Scholar/Artist; CEO, TMP Mind Body of Work LLC; Founder/Director, Mind Body Dancer®.  M.F.A in Dance Performance and Choreography, New York University; B.A. in Visual Arts History, College of the Holy Cross, MA.  Faculty member at NYU Tisch School of the Arts, Steps on Broadway, and Dance New Amsterdam in New York City.  Other faculty positions include Joffrey Ballet School and American Dance Festival.  Guest artist/lecturer at University of Iowa, Vassar College, College of the Holy Cross, Goldsmiths and Queen Mary Universities in London, among others.

Perri is Founder and Director of Mind Body Dancer®, a community of teachers and students of yoga studies. Her mission was to create a unique educational environment combining pedagogy, research, consulting, and outreach. Since 2009, Perri has trained and mentored a team of Mind Body Dancer-licensed teachers, wellness professionals, and researchers working across the US and abroad.  She has implemented and customized yoga and mind/body wellness programs in commercial studios, gyms, performing arts schools, and higher education environments. Graduates of the nationally recognized Mind Body Dancer Yoga Pedagogy Courses have established a trusted presence in the yoga and performing arts environments through educational residencies, private services, and open classes. Perri has been consulted for her expertise in periodicals such as Pointe Magazine and Dance Teacher Magazine. She embarked on her yoga studies in 1997, began teaching yoga in 2004, and maintains private practices in New York City and Brooklyn.  www.mindbodydancer.com

Perri performed professionally with numerous ballet, contemporary, and dance theater companies. Her choreography and costume designs have been critically acclaimed inThe New Yorker and The Village Voice, among other publications. Concurrent with her work in the arts, education, and research, Perri was Senior Account Manager at Siemens Healthcare Services where she developed her passion for technology, business, and healthcare (1998 – 2006). www.taramarieperri.com


 Teaching Profile:

·         Ballet, Modern, Yoga, Somatics, Pedagogy, Composition, Business Practices

·         Consultant: implemention and coordination of customized programs in Yoga, Somatics training, and wellness/therapeutic services

·         Private practice: Somatics, yoga therapy, injury prevention and re-training; technique/performance optimization; business coaching for individual teachers, artists, and small businesses


Research, Creative Projects, and Writing:

·         Applied Arts, Sciences, and Mind/Body Practices

·         Transdisciplinary and Practice-based Research collaborations

·         Multidisciplinary Art: dance, visual art, video, music, and costume design

·         Technology and new media

·         Curriculum development

·         Blog: mindbodybrew


Mind Body Dancer® Yoga Pedagogy Course:

Each year, graduating M.F.A and B.F.A. candidates in the NYU Tisch Dance program are offered the opportunity to apply for the New York City-based Mind Body Dancer Yoga Pedagogy Course, directed by TaraMarie Perri. The annual course offers students a certification to teach yoga and the eligibility to join the Mind Body Dancer community as a licensed-teacher and/or research professional.  www.mindbodydancer.com