William G Simon

Associate Professor

Author, The Films of Jean Vigo (1981). Guest editor, Special Issue on Orson Welles, Persistence of Vision #7. Director of retrospective exhibit and conference entitled, "Orson Welles: Theatre, Radio, Film." Articles: "Hitchcock: The Languages of Madness" in Alfred Hitchcock Reader (Wayne State University Press); "Welles, Bakhtin: Parody," Quarterly Review of Film and Video; "An Analysis of the Structure of The Godfather: Part One," Cinematic Text: Methods and Approaches (AMS Press, 1989); "Karina and Godard," in a catalog published by Art Institute of Chicago; "An Approach to Point of View," Film Reader 3; "A Completely Open Space: Michael Snow’s La Region Central," Millennium Film Journal; "Taris," Artforum; "Tom, Tom, the Piper’s Son," Artforum


B.S., Boston
M.A., Ph.D., New York University