Times of change can be challenging. How do we respond? How do we connect?

Lucky for us, the Tisch School of the Arts is a brave space where questions should and will be asked, conversations can flourish, and creative responses and solutions are encouraged. This is where we are all the teachers, the learners, and the creators.

Participate in multiple school activities or take the time to volunteer. Join us on October 20th for breakfast or at the end of the day in a Town Hall gathering.

Let’s spend the 2017 Day of Community connecting together.


October 16



    We've collaborated with The Skirball Theatre to activate conversation on social change. Members of Jenin’s Freedom Theatre will be joined by Tony and Pulitzer Prize-winning author, Tony Kushner and Tisch Arts Professor, Oscar Eustis.

October 17

  • Tisch students visit NYC PS3

    Open Arts & Drama

    For the third year in a row, Tisch Open Arts and the Experimental Theatre Wing at the Department of Drama are continuing their work with fourth graders from NYC PS3. The freshman ETW class will be visiting PS3 this week to introduce themselves and kickstart this year's collaboration.

October 19-22

  • Radical Networks Conference


    ITP will be participating in the Radical Networks Conference, celebrating the free and open internet. It fosters critical discussion on contemporary issues that include surveillance, the spread of misinformation, ownership of personal data, and the increasing opacity of "the Cloud."

October 20

  • Community Breakfast

    Tisch School of the Arts

    Enjoy coffee, cider, and pastries in the lobby on your way to class or the office! Stick around for a presentation at 10:00am of a capella songs performed by the alumni of the undergraduate Commedia del'Arte Florence Summer Intensive, and poetry written by Carvens Lissaint, performed by current Graduate Acting Students.

  • Acts to Rally

    Graduate Acting

    Our morning begins with an open voice class, followed by readings of political speeches from recent and distant history that resonate with current events and the neighborhood and community. And did we mention a flash mob in Washington Square Park?!

  • Beauty Salon as Self Care

    Performance Studies

    Pamper and beautify yourself at our volunteer-run Beauty Salon and Photo Booth. After freshening up, join us for a screening of Glenn Holsten's Hollywood Beauty Salon, followed by a brief decompression and informal discussion.

  • Tisch Drama Community Day Happenings


    Throughout the week and on Friday, Tisch Drama's training studios, theatre studies program, faculty, students and staff build relationships with new and existing communities as part of the Day of Community 2017.

  • Comedy in the Day of Orange

    Dramatic Writing

    When the world goes to hell, is comedy a spear or a refuge? In our Age of Orange, the role of comedy has never been more central. Led by Terry Curtis Fox and Robin Epstein, our assembled panel of both faculty and guests will discuss humor in dark times.

  • Pumpkin Carving

    Kanbar Institute of Film & Television

    Join Film & Television for pumpkin carving from 12PM-2PM in the Skirball Center for New Media Lobby on the 9th floor of 721 Broadway. The first 50 people get a free mini-pumpkin to carve.

  • Newest Americans Panel

    Photography & Imaging

    The Newest Americans is a three-year art and documentary project chronicling the immigrant experience from the vantage point of the campus of Rutgers University-Newark.

  • What Now? How We Make Work In Times Like These

    Tisch School of the Arts

    Times of change can be challenging, but how do we respond? What do we do? How do we connect? For the 2017 Day of Community at the Tisch School of the Arts, we turn to our faculty of working artists to hear how they have responded to times of change throughout their careers.

October 23

  • Community Life Panel


    Listen in on an open conversation on community, service and activism with GMTWP faculty Sybille Pearson and Julianne Davis. Potluck dinner to follow.