2017 DDW Day of Community

In 1941, Hitler was attacking Germany; the world was still in the throes of the Great Depression; and two comic geniuses released masterpieces: Charles Chaplin created The Great Dictator, a film so political that it would help get him banished from Hollywood, while Preston Sturges made Sullivan’s Travels, which extoled the virtue of pure laughter in hard times.

When the world goes to hell, is comedy a spear or a refuge?

In our Age of Orange, the role of comedy has never been more central. Jimmy Kimmel, a man no one ever considered political, salvaged health care. The New York Times began running a daily Late Night recap. Alec Baldwin’s star suddenly burned as bright as at the beginning of his career.

So where do you go when all you want is to laugh at something that isn’t making you cry? Is or isn’t this a time for fart and sex jokes?

For Tisch’s Day of Community, we've assembled a panel of both faculty and guests to discuss Comedy in the Age of Orange. On Friday, 20 October, from noon until 2 pm in the Goldberg Theatre Terry Curtis Fox and Robin Epstein shall be joined by:

  • Megan Callahan - SNL writer and DDW alum
  • Miles Kahn - Full Frontal with Samantha Bee writer / Co-creator of Halal in the Family with Aasif Mandvi
  • Glenn Eichler - The Late Show with Stephen Colbert / Primetime Emmy Awards writer; DDW faculty
  • Fia Alvarez - To All the Boys I've Loved Before screenwriter; Man Seeking Woman writer; DDW faculty
  • Jessica Fleitman – DDW alum and writer of the late Seriously.tv

And by the way – if you log into Kanopy using your NYU account, you can stream Great Dictator.  Sullivan’s Travels is available for rental (and is in the 9th floor library).

-Terry Curtis Fox