Tisch Pro Online Alumni and Instructor Stories

 L-R: Lily Wang, Ben Chastney, and Shalyn Grow

Odds Are You’ll Make Something that’s Not “Good.” Just Do It!

Film Workshop alumni Shalyn Grow, Ben Chastney and Lily Wang describe the benefits and challenges of online learning and how the course has influenced them as filmmakers.

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Shivani Khattar holds a film camera on her shoulder

The Smashcut Chat: Shivani Khattar

Tisch Pro Online instructor Shivani Khattar discusses online film education and “finding your tribe”.

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Camila Papadopoulo filming a scene on a beach

Meet Camila: Actress, Writer, and Filmmaker

Read our interview with summer 2020 Film Workshop alumna Camila Papadopoulo.

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Sandhya Krishnamurthy

A Dream of Telling Stories Through Film

Sandhya Krishnamurthy talks about taking the Tisch Pro course Writing for the Screen.

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