Sarah Courtney Barnett

Sarah Barnett

Hometown: Dallas, TX

Home College/University: Ithaca College

When did you attend Spring at Tisch? Spring 2016

What did you study during Spring at Tisch? Dramatic Writing, specifically Scriptwriting

Why did you decide to come to Tisch? My whole family has gone to NYU: my sister, father, and grandmother. NYU has always been a part of my life, plus the amazing courses and highly experienced professors offered here are unparalleled to any other school.

What else should we know about you? My dream is to become a television writer.  I love writing comedies and dramas with my inspiration stemming from hilarious sitcoms like Modern Family, to thrilling dramas like The Blacklist.

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About Spring at Tisch

Spring at Tisch offers visiting undergraduate students the opportunity to immerse themselves in a full semester of courses in emerging media, and the cinematic or performing arts. This intense professional training coupled with all New York City has to offer, lets students advance their creative careers while enriching their academic experience.