Asia Smulders

Asia Smulders

Hometown: I was born and raised in China.

Home College/University: Royal Northern College of Music, Manchester, England

Major: Popular Music Performance

When did you attend Spring at Tisch? Spring 2016

What did you study during Spring at Tisch? Recorded Music with a focus of Music Technology

Why did you decide to come to Tisch? NYU provided me with a chance to study more than just music performance. I got to develop essential skills in all areas of the industry which not only better prepared me for work but also impacted the way I view and compose music.

How has the Spring at Tisch program affected your future goals and aspirations? Through the combination of classes, I not only developed my musical ability but other skills as well. For example, my writing dramatically improved, and I am now submitting articles for music blogs. This program exceeded all expectations really. I am leaving this exchange as a totally new and improved musician and person, and I have met so many amazing people along the way. This experience and NYU has become a critical part of my success and goals moving forward.

About Spring at Tisch

Spring at Tisch offers visiting undergraduate students the opportunity to immerse themselves in a full semester of courses in emerging media, and the cinematic or performing arts. This intense professional training coupled with all New York City has to offer, lets students advance their creative careers while enriching their academic experience.