Faculty Research Working Group

Faculty Research Working Group Retreat

Faculty Research Working Group Retreat March 2017

All full-time Tisch faculty are encouraged to participate in the activities of the RWG - events designed to connect faculty across disciplines, departments and NYU units, as well as planning meetings focused on the "business" of advancing the Initiative's mission.

While some of RWG's early work focused on defining terms such as "creative" and "artistic" research, we are now partnering with the Tisch Office of Faculty and the individual academic departments of Tisch to integrate those concepts into discipline-specific frameworks for evaluating creative research in faculty promotion and review processes.

Another key aspect of the Initiative's work is making legible to the University the rigorous, hybridic and practice-based research conducted by members of the Tisch community. The Faculty Research Working Group (RWG) plays a critical role in helping us advocate for such praxis through regular engagement with other research units across the University, and through faculty participation in the University's new interdisciplinary research initiatives: the Aging Incubator, the Urban Initiative, and Strategies to Reduce Inequality

If you are a Tisch faculty member interested in learning more about RWG or would like to get involved, please contact Dana Whitco.