M·U·S·E Residency 2020

Request for Proposals
Tisch M·U·S·E Residency
Summer 2020


WHEN: June 1 - 13, 2020
WHERE: Danspace Project at St. Mark’s Church (131 E 10th St)
WHO is Eligible: Faculty, Staff, Students (graduate and undergraduate)

DEADLINE: March 2, 2020 at 11:59pm


The M·U·S·E (Multi-Use Space for Experimentation) Residency at Danspace Project provides applicants with an opportunity to test out, research, discover, design, and engage intimately with their collaborators and audiences. The Tisch Initiative for Creative Research welcomes applications from ALL CREATIVE AND SCHOLARLY DISCIPLINES to the 2020 M·U·S·E Residency!

Tisch faculty, staff, and current graduate and undergraduate students are eligible to apply. One person from each group will be selected to partake in the residency. Twelve hours will be awarded to each artist (or groups of artists), distributed within the time slots below:

Schedule (June 1 - 6 & June 8 - 13)

Mon 12:00pm – 10:30pm
Production Coordinator
Tue 1:30pm – 10:30pm Production Coordinator
Wed 11:00am – 3:30pm No Tech
Thu 12:30pm – 4:30pm
4:30pm – 10:30pm
No Tech
Production Coordinator
Fri 1:00pm – 5:30pm
5:30pm – 10:30pm
No Tech
Production Coordinator
Sat 5:30pm – 10:30pm Production Coordinator

Please note that this is a low tech residency. M·U·S·E Residents will have access to the space and basic tech, including sound (microphones, speakers, an auxiliary port); video and projection; and basic lighting (no light plots, just adjustable house lights). Any open presentations created must be developed and executed by the resident(s). Please refer to the schedule for available tech support from Danspace. Selected applicants must also attend a mandatory production meeting with TCR and Danspace Project staff to discuss their plans before their residency begins.

Successful applicants will demonstrate the following:

  • A clear understanding of how the M·U·S·E Residency will benefit current and future research needs
  • A clear description of their Points of Entry (POE) strategy – a plan for sharing their residency material, creative processes, and research discoveries with an audience. Proposed POE should not be a formal presentation/performance, but rather, address processes of inquiry, research and/or development. These POE could include: open rehearsals, public or invited conversations, published documentation (including websites or other online platforms), or other methods of dissemination. The scale of dissemination will be up to each participating artist.
  • A clear, articulate residency design and the capacity to execute that design

Application Instructions

To apply for the 2020 M·U·S·E Residency, complete this Google Form by March 2nd at 11:59pm.

Your project proposal should answer the following prompts, in order. Please upload a PDF file of your proposal using the Google Form.

  1. Describe your research interests. (300 words)
    • What questions are you investigating through the residency?
    • How might this residency help refine existing questions and/or formulate new ones?
  2. Residency Proposal (250 words)
    • How will you utilize your time in the space?
    • How will the residency be designed?
    • Who will be working with you?
    • What do you need from Danspace, regarding tech and other support?
    • If possible, specify days and times you would like to work (up to 12 hours).
  3. How will you share your residency work with others? (150 words)
    • What is your plan for dissemination / what kind of POE strategies are you thinking of? When will it be offered?
    • Who is your target audience? How will you reach them?
    • How do you plan to document your residency?


Successful applicants will be asked to participate in an informal evaluation of their experiences following their residency. They will be asked to reflect on their personal experience as resident artists and the usefulness of resources, and to provide any suggestions for improvement (including the application process). They may also be asked to serve as panelists or roundtable participants in conversations hosted by TCR and the Dean's Office regarding residency opportunities at Tisch.

Contact tisch.research@nyu.edu for questions about your application or the application process. Use the following subject line in your email: M·U·S·E Residency 2020.