Wenyu Li

Portrait of Wenyu Li, photographer

Wenyu Li, born and raised in Guangzhou, discovered her interest in photography when she was 15. As a person of color seeking higher education in the States, her projects are constantly looking for "neglected" but "peaceful" elements in her life.

Miles Away 

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Miles Away is a project dedicated to the artist’s god father’s family that lives in Long Island, New York. Parents of the household came to the States individually 30 years ago. They started their family and new life here as Chinese immigrants. 

While dealing with the maladaptation on their own, the world’s bias about immigrants being intruders/invaders in the late 19s early 20s had also become part of their lives. 

Using large format and long exposure to slow down the motion, the artist manages to pose the subjects to encounter the audience with a gaze.