Save the Date for Migration & Translation in PARIS 11-08-2024

Monday, Jul 8, 2024

Flyer of November 8, 2024 program schedule for Migration & Translate in NYU Paris, France

Program schedule for Migration & Translate in NYU Paris, France

Please note, this is NOT a call for papers/presenters; 
all panelists/presenters have already been selected. 

This global convening offers invited artists, writers, and scholars whose work re-imagines the experiences of migration, challenges normative xenophobic ideas and undermines a politics of fear to generate new discourses, aesthetics, and structures of knowledge. Our world is characterized by the movements of people, diasporas, and relocations: far from a temporary or “crisis” phenomenon, human beings globally and historically have always left their homes to escape war, to avoid persecution, for work, for security. We have been uprooted, stolen, trafficked, enslaved; they have been displaced from land despoiled of resources and habitats lost to extreme weather patterns and climate change. We have moved and migrated for deeply private and personal reasons - to reach potential freely, to lead meaningful lives, to secure a future for ourselves and our families. An account of the migration is the totality of many stories. We seek to capture the breadth of experience. Translation is critical to any genuine comprehension of our contemporary world. Literature and art open us to abundant cultures carried by human beings when they migrate. This alternative critical language leads us to think expansively about memory, belonging and identity, familiar and unfamiliar, borders and home, objects and affects, self-imagining, family and loss. Panels include: Perspectives on Migration, Migration and Translation, Black Rest in Translation, MacX Fellows and Migration Projects. We hope you can join us in Paris for what is going to be an unforgettable convening.

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