Professor Snow Fu Showcases Two Works in City Centers of China

Tuesday, Dec 6, 2022

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The large scale LED screen showing Submerged is located at Hanjiang Road in Wuhan (武汉江汉路). The indoor LED screens showing Avalanche is located at Jing An Kerry Center in Shanghai (上海静安嘉里中心).

Submerged is an immersive digital landscape painting made up of various moving virtual bodily parts. The fragments of the human body parts are textured with galaxy-like materials on them, and it hopes to underline the interconnectivity that we all have with each other as human beings, especially in material matters and forms. Fu creates scenes of experimental abstraction that translate the concept of liminality into the digital experience. The word liminal is often used to discuss the sublime within digital space, conjuring up notions of time, space, and perception, and echoing the experience of the sublime in nature.

Working with 3D scanned models and particle simulation effects of the snowfall, Avalanche is a 3D moving image work that illustrates the digital imaging version of the concept of “entropy”, originated from Land Art.

The two pieces had previously been shown on New York Times Square’s ZAZ 10TS LED Screens as well.

*Studio assistant credit: Sara Roth, Ashley Liu; Logo design: Tonia Zhang

Professor Fu would like to thank Poly Art (保利当代数字艺术) and curator Qin Wu for showcasing her multiple artworks on public LED screens in China, especially during these times.