Faculty Caitlin Berrigan in Cycle Music and Art Festival in Iceland

Wednesday, Oct 26, 2016

Tisch Professor Caitlin Berrigan will introduce her new work Treatise on Imaginary Explosions Vol. ll (2016) in the second installment of the Cycle Music and Art Festival in Kopavogur, Iceland beginning October 27 and running through December 18, 2016. 

The festival is a private initiative begun with the hopes of creating a platform for experimental music and visual art to stimulate engaging dialogue. 

Her work is an experimental fiction film and installation delving into the issues of affective geologies and the idea of becoming mineral. The work follows a group of female geologists as they develop an idea to blow up the world by simultaneously erupting all of Earth's volcanoes. 

While traveling across the world to various laboratories, geological survey sites, and volcanoes the film investigates the relationship between ideas of time innate in geological transformations and human trauma on the neurological plain. 

Berrigan's previous works include Spectrum of Inevitable Violence (2010), a class warfare food fight on a mass-scale, and Lessons in Capitalism (2013), a look at the language of finance and money through the lens of children.