DPI Student Sophia Wilson's CITY KITS in Vogue

Monday, Jun 15, 2020

Sophia Wilson at City Kits’ headquarters with packed kits ready for distribution. Photo: Jonas Bardin / Courtesy of City Kits

Sophia Wilson '22, a student in the NYU Tisch Department of Photography and Imaging, was featured in a story in VOGUE about her group, City Kits. She founded CITY KITS to organize and deliver essential supplies to protesters in New York City. From the article:

"'Especially at the beginning, I saw so many unnecessary tactics of violence used by the police against Black and brown bodies who were at the front lines of these protests, right around me. Honestly, I got pretty scared, especially as a young Black woman.'

One night, Wilson saw her friend, a person of color, get arrested and decided to find ways to help protesters feel supported and safe. With the help of another friend, Silver, Wilson started City Kits, an organization that provides protest kits to demonstrators throughout New York."